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Hello my little kitties,

This morning while I was walking to the metro, I was thinking about what I could write for you to day, and I was feeling good, filled with love, it wasn’t too cold out, I had a silly grin plastered on my face, the song Myth de Beach House in my ears, and I felt good, relaxed, loose, it had been a long time since I felt like that, and all of a sudden, I got the feeling that, despite the dreadful start to this new year, 2015 is going to be an incredible year! The month of January slowed us down, what if we could rewind and start JanuaryIf only things could work like that, so let’s say instead that February marks a new beginning! That said, I wish you a wonderful 2015, filled with beauty, kindness, love and creativity!




I’ve wanted to partner up with a pastry shop for a while now, redo their whole menu on paper, but the opportunity never presented itself or at least hasn’t yet (never say never…). So, I got together with the girls from the Lemonade studio and we racked our brains to create a list of desserts that we love and make a paper calendar out of them for 2015… Although this was a long and laborious process, I think we are all really proud to offer you this calendar. You’ll notice that we are all about cakes made out of paper at the moment in the office, I won’t say any more about it, but it’s all coming soon to theblog.




 I really cannot wait to tell you all about the awesome things we have planned for you in 2015... I really do hope though that time will take its time so we can prepare surprises for you – surprises that, as you will see, often take the shape of my dreams! Here’s to you, happy new year my little cinnamon buns ! 




To download your calendar, I invite you to click HERE. And be sure to print it out on thicker paper like Bristol, make some perforations and glide a little string in there to hang it up! And by the way, would you be into a Do it Yourself on how to make some paper cakes?

Sending big kisses

PS: THANKS to Charlotte S. and Jeanne D. for having so much patience...

Translated by Ida Driscoll





For a while now, I’ve wanted to prepare a new feature for the blog, out of necessity, since I am a connected girl, a bit too much at times. And I often think to myself: What would I do without my cell phone? I think back to “before the smart phone” when I used to print out directions from Mappy to get to an appointment, among other things… For that, I must say it makes life easier, at least I save time, and I’ve concluded that that is one of the many purposes this tool can serve…

So today I am going to talk to you about an application: Head Space. It’s a free app which allows you to follow a daily meditation routine. Skeptical? Yeah, me too, I also thought I would end up cloaked in casual linen-wear and shaving my head. And in fact, that’s not what happened. The journey to installing this application was a long one. Everything changed after an email exchange with Lili and Mai, I was telling them how I felt like I was juggling 30 things at once, and at the same time had the concentration span of a hamster on ecstasy. I didn’t know how to handle things any other way, so I did the best I could, it was great, I felt like I had spent my day solving international crises, like Jack Bauer and Olivia Pope were just small-time players at the end of the day, compared to me. And then the girls both wrote to me at the same time, practically in unison: "HEAD SPACE baby".




It’s very simple, at first the program only lasts 10 minutes a day, and frankly that’s the reason I finally took the next step. For me, ten minutes is not asking too much, I decided to make it the first thing I do when I wake up. So in the morning when I get up, I don’t make myself a warm, freshly-squeezed lemon juice, nope, nor do I throw on my yoga pants, not that either. I get up, all sweaty from sleeping, rolled up in a suede Ikea blanket from Totoro, I sit on my couch and I launch the app. I allow myself to be guided by the soothing, sexy voice of Andy Puddicombe, the creator of Head Space. I try to clear my head, I picture my thoughts as if they were cars on the highway, I watch them pass by and I don’t try to jump into each moving car. The explanations are full of imagery like this one I just cited, and it’s user-friendly, even if the app is in English. Head Space is really well-designed and fun, with a special shout out to the graphics in this app – every step is demonstrated through a high quality video.




So yes, I thought of myself as being immune to this kind of stuff, full self-awareness and all those big terms that didn’t mean anything to me. Well if only I had known…it’s been a month now since it’s become part of my daily routine. Taking time out for yourself, it’s not really a luxury; it starts with 10, 15 then 20 minutes and more if you want it. Where I’m concerned, these minutes are precious, and have become my stress reliever. I’ve been sleeping better, I manage to keep a cool head and clear ideas, when I feel like I’m close to the point of combustion, I can just do a quick, 5-minute emergency session with my headphones, and I’m reset again. After the trial period, the application must be purchased, for about 6 Euros a month, and then you will have access to dozens of other programs, you can guide your sessions towards developing your creativity, improving relationships with others, focusing on your health, etc…It took me some time before I was ready to talk about this because first I wanted to see if this app was really for me, not just the latest fad, but something I could do on a long-term basis.  So of course I’m not Wonder Woman, and there are some days where I have no desire to get up and do my meditation when the alarm rings because I’m nice and toasty under my duvet. But honestly, today I can say I see a real difference between the days I do my meditation and the days I don’t.


APPS OF THE MONTH Translated by Ida Driscoll




Hello my little woodland wolves, 

I hope you are well. As for me, I’m not going to lie; the events of January have made me think hard, and made me see my daily life and my career in a new light. I was in major slow-motion mode, wondering if my topics on this blog were making any sense. So, I opted to take my time, focus on projects that are important to me and now I’m back. It’s a bit like a false start to 2015. Moreover, we are preparing a schedule for this year at our office, tasty and colorful to whip our gloomy dispositions back into shape…Stay tuned, and we’ll have that for you at the beginning of next week! Ahhh! I have some other news as well, the moon wallpaper will be back soon on the e-shop, and the patterns as well, and more importantly WE HAVE AN OFFICE!! Yeah!! Phew! 



Today I’m back to share an outfit with you, kind of a uniform for the new year. A pair of pantyhose that are not too opaque, because I find that they don’t always slim the leg, but not transparent ones either, because let’s be honest people, IT’S FREEZING OUTSIDE. So I’ve found that the 50 Denier pantyhose are just the right combination. A pair of slightly loose boots with a square heel so you can run all over town, a sweater dress, a real soft item, a must-have in my January wardrobe. And to avoid being cold, I always have a jacket underneath my gray coat…Here, it’s a REIKO jacket which I dug up at my favorite shop in Lacanau Océan, the town where I took vacation. You know the kind of store that you come across while on vacation, where you take the time to look at everything, making you wish you had a shop like this in the big city you come from. It’s because the heart and soul of these kind of shops are the people who run them, and make their own beautiful selection of what they sell in the shop. This boutique is called Couleur Salée, and fortunately, this little shop is on-line, to give you something with which to prolong the summer, or give you a teaser of the sun to come…




So today, I’m wearing boots by Maje from a former collection, 50 denier pantyhose, a sweater dress from Asos, a jacket by REIKO found in the shop Couleur Salée a gray coat from Asos, a cashmere scarf from Kujten, a hat I bought in Copenhagen but you can find a similar one here with a flower on it, from Karuna Balloo.




Sending big kisses your way, and don’t ever give up, my little kittens!


Translated by Ida Driscoll, Photos by Julie Perrot.




  • Capricorn : 22 December - 20 January (like Michelle Obama)

You are glum and depressed by the apocalyptic atmosphere of this new year, totally understandable… But instead of trying to make plans to get a new law passed in 2016, come to terms with things, listen to Stevie Wonder, and make a list of the great things you have in your life…And don’t forget to breathe. 

  • Sagittarius, 23 November - 21 December (like Béatrice Dalle)

Criticism coming from a Capricorn can be relentless, keep calm and remind yourself of: tough love (as long as the cutting remarks remain verbal, if not, get out of there!) The first half of February is shaping up to be full of surprises, you will surely hear back about your audition for The Voice 2016.

  • Pisces, 20 February - 20 March (like Zahia)

Work: You get the feeling you need a change, you are probably watching France 5 too much, and as a result you are thinking about a career change, maybe grooming ponies, or becoming an opera singer. Get a grip of yourself, it’s a slippery slope. Pluto in Pisces will give you the nerve, take initiative, ask for a raise instead. 




  • Gemini, 22 May - 21 June (like Lio)

Geminis of the third decan dream of sunny beaches, escaping, and shiny taning oil. Stop it right now and be realistic, your bank account cannot handle such fantasies! As far as your health goes, you’re hanging in there, and maybe hanging a bit too much, be careful to not turn into the Michelin man. 

  • Cancer, 22 June - 22 July (like Vin Diesel, lucky you)

"You will forget", this song echoes on a loop in your head, you hardly know it, you get carried away and you are afraid of being pushed away… That’s to be expected, breathe deeply and cherish the here and now, like Larusso says so well “love, you know, ah ah yeah, has no memory". Look on the red side of life: Enjoy... 

  • Leo, 23 July - 23 August (like Alizée)

Stop watching Baby Boom and crying on Tuesday nights, get out and have fun, that’s how you will meet the future father of your children… Lady luck will be smiling down upon you as Venus and Pollux will soon be in alignment and guarantee a peaceful future, now’s the time to scour the floor at an off-track-betting ticket office.




  • Aries, 21 March - 20 April (like Quentin Tarantino)

Your love life shows no sign of rhyme or reason right now, time for a wake-up call: stop clinging; if you haven’t sealed the deal by the 19th date, give up already, you are worth more than that for Pete’s sake! In terms of money, all is well, the planets are aligned under the Dollar sign, it’s time to reward yourself and take advantage of the 3rd decan of the sales. 

  • Aquarius, 21 January - 19 February (like Joseph Gordon-Levitt) 

You feel exhausted, you surely went overboard during the holidays, take it easy unless you want to catch mono before Valentine’s day… Uranus is lurking around your purse, expenses are to be expected, don’t give in to the temptation of the new collections, go on a weekend getaway with the girls instead.   

  • Taurus, 21 April - 21 May (like Nikos Aliagas, pity) 

Your job is taking over your whole life. While it’s great to be fulfilled professionally, you still have to think about taking some time out for yourself, and for your better half. And nope, I’m sorry, the 57 minutes spent watching an episode of Game Of Thrones does NOT count as quality time with one another. Log off from your screen and get lost in each other’s eyes.




  • Virgo, 24 August - 22 September (like Eve Angeli)

If you’re single, stop acting like Mother Superior and exchange smiles with a stranger, who, by the way, does not necessarily have an ulterior motive. Career-wise, work on being more diplomatic, take your colleagues’ comments with a grain of salt, you are awesome, it must not be easy for others to shine next to a bright star like you.

  •  Libra, 23 September - 22 October (like Eminem) 

You feel like you are invincible, full of self-confidence, and to top it off you just found out your ex was dumped. Life is smiling down on you, enjoy it! One piece of advice though: share all these good vibes with those around you! The sun in your wake should help you out. Total eclipse of the heart, as Bonnie Tyler would say! 

  • Scorpio, 23 october - 22 November (like Alain Delon)

Single: You really want to get your body temperature rising, keep the faith, winter will not last forever. Venus in your sign will be your ally, it’s time to give destiny a hand and hit that target standing over there next to the coffee machine. Really, I mean, hit that… In a relationship: nothing to report, all is well, stop looking for things to nitpick about. Health-wise: start eating gluten again.


Translated by Ida Driscoll


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