Hello my darlings!

The time you read this, I’ll probably be carrying boxes dressed like Mario Bros moving into our new place! Oui! Even if I’m delighted to be wearing overalls today, I’m more excited to wear my Léna dress on Monday! Lately, I must admit that as soon as I shoot some photos, I have to use the Lemonade Studio model, and it’s always sad to have to take it off. I can’t wait for Monday when it’ll be mine, in ‘bleu de tes cils’ and ‘à cils’!

I’m especially proud of the Léna that we designed with Laure, paying close attention to every detail, I wanted a shirt dress that would be feminine. I dreamt of a shirt collar that wouldn’t be too tight that would allow an open neckline, to make your neck look long and delicate. To put a twist on this dress shirt and to make it more delicate, we chose the softest of silks, light as a feather! Léna will be available in two colors, in the exclusive eyelash pattern in very limited quantities and in a deep velvety blue, also a collector’s edition, that I hope will become your daily uniform! I’ll tell you more about Léna on Monday at 11am and it’s hidden pockets as well as a behind the scenes ‘making­of’! So set your alarms and write it down in your schedules, Léna will be online this Monday, February 29th for 169 euros and on March 1st the pattern will be online at 11am for 14,90 euros. But for those who are impatient, I suggest you subscribe to the newsletter now to get a surprise in your inbox! Hugs and kisses!

Photography Pauline Darley – Make Up Madmoiselle Mu

Translated by Whitney Bolin