Happy friday / 08.02.2013

Happy Friday todos !

I am in a terribly good mood and it is your fault. Yes, your fault because you are throwing all this love to my face and if you are wondering what I do about it, let me tell you that I take it and wrap myself into it. And I enjoy it ! Thank you THANK YOU thank you.

And I’m in a good mood also because of my new hair cut… Who says my-new-hair-cut, says Fred… Of course it is signed by our national Fred! I love the idea that Fred is a rare and precious thing… A bit like a head designer as if I had a pair of Louboutin instead of my hair… Thank you Fred, for your fingers and for the snip of your golden scissors.

But?! You’re gonna ask me, «you cannot do your bun anymore ?!» Well no, and I’m happy about it. With this almost existential question that is «are we cutting or not?» I feel like brand new! My mother (I keep talking about her these days!) sent me this picture of five-years-old me with a bun and a stripped tee-shirt and I thought «it’s crazy because we could take the exact same picture».

 Only, the thing is it kind of scares me in a way… Time is passing by and damn! I’ve had the same hair cut, the same look, the same face for 20 years… And the night after, in a dream that was so introspective that Freud’s beard would straigthen, I was cutting my bun from its base… I feel bad. I call Fred at 8:04 am and he says «we cut baby». And I relive. Just like I was born again (yes, rebirth), a chapter is closing, my hair are flying… I’m crazy ! Have a wonderful weekend ! 




Today I’m wearing little cute flat ballerinas from Valensi, red dotted swiss tights from H&M and a pair of red chino pants La Redoute. This look should remind you of another one… A dress bought more than a year ago at Topshop, but so short that I’d rather wear it like a blouse… A DIY kitty bag…mine this time, et Rimmel London lipstick (the Kiss of Love 111 color)…



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Mood / 06.02.2013


It gives me the creeps to think about all of what happened this past year… How the informal platform that is WordPress became for me such an escape, a kind of extraordinary window that pushes me on doings more things, on getting better and trying to do my best every time…

 It’s crazy how a one-year anniversary can also feel like the circle is complete and the moment to ask myself a thousand questions. «Do I keep going ?» « What could I do to re-new myself?» «If everything ends tomorrow, how would I take it?»… So many quasi existential questions that have only one answer : «Keep doing what you like and stop asking yourself so many questions».

 So here we go… You should take your hankies, it’s gonna be emotional. In one year I can only make an assessment… A pretty awesome one… On a personal level I have the feeling that I am like a little machine, let’s say a pressure cooker, the more I do things the more I have ideas and wishes and that’s a powerful driving force that makes me get up in the morning with one desire: learn and do… I have a new creative hygiene that makes me want to get out of my comfort zones. On a professional level I met a bunch of people who’ve trusted me and given me jobs. I won’t list all my projects from 2012 but I keep in mind my favorite moments with a special mention to «OMG I am writing a book» and «Okay, I’m working freelance now» to quote only them… And on the human level, Make My Lemonade allowed me to meet a whole bunch of great people and friends (photographer, color designer, hair designer, journalist and so on) and I LOVE them with real love, I call them ten times a day to tell them because they have to understand how great they are…

 But most importantly, it was you. My great encounter was you. I feel like for a year all I’ve been saying is thank you but it’s because I am very aware that all these amazing things that keeps happening to me are also thanks to you. Thanks to the fact that you are always more and more to come here everyday (and I know dude are also hanging around) so THANK YOU. And thank you to those of you who stop me in the street to tell me to keep going even though I’m exhausted, ringed, wearing nonsense, loaded with all my stuff, in love, or even – it happened – all of that at the same time. THANKYOU.

 And now is the Oscar presentation time: thank you Mum for correcting my mistakes when you wake up and thank you for your support worthy of Michael Angelo’s mother. Thank you dad for telling me it was a mistake to make a blog because «you’re going to give away your idea to everybody» and to look at me like I’m an alien. Thank you my love for pushing me a year ago «to do something» even though you might regret it sometimes when I’m glued to my screen, I’m working on that… Thank you to all my friends for their support, their sharing, their help and their kindness, and a special thank you to my Justine B. because…

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DIY / 06.02.2013

Happy Wednesday you beauties!

I have a real treat in store for you today; something I know will make some of you very happy! I told you on Saturday about the famous Etsy competition from last Christmas and, after this article and more particularly after this image on my inspiration board, I literally received hundreds of frantic mails, hysterically asking about the cat clutch. Nobody could live without knowing where it was from! And so, after hours of research I finally found the source of this oh-so-popular bag (sorryyy, I don’t have the link any more…change over of computers and all that…mea culpa!)  But it was from a Japanese site and came in pale pink as well…aaaand it’s been sold out for a few months.  Ah but don’t worry your pretty little selves! I’m going to show you how to make one yourself in this DIY…better still this is a thank you DIY, because yes, as is the tradition for every 1000 new likes on the Facebook page, I have a little contest for you guys just to say “thank you!”.

So, there we go my little cats, as a small thank you I am giving you the opportunity to win a little kitten clutch in black or a floral tapestry – just comment me, letting me know which one you’d prefer, and then ask me any question at all…something that’s been bugging you or you’ve been meaning to ask me for a while – I’m going to make a small ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQ) section to put on the site! Big hugs to you all, and thank you yet again! I’ll pick the winner out of a hat at midnight on Friday and will publish the winner’s name at the end of this article. 



So, to do this DIY you need:

  • -To download the pattern  HERE
  • -The parts of the bag cut out from a thick canvas
  • -A bag clasp, like the ones you find on purses, which can be bought from Moline haberdashery at St Pierre market
  • -A curved needle and a normal one, as well as a thread of chord
  • -Pins
  • -A pair of scissors.




To start off, pin the 3 front parts to form the muzzle of your kitten! fig.2 Then sew with the machine, fig. 3. Clip each of the curved seams, fig 4. With the help of an iron, open up all the seams, fig. 5 Then pin the back and the muzzle/front together, and sew fig.6 Clip the corners of the sides, fig.7 and then open the seams with the iron. Now take the bottom of the clutch for the next part.



Pin the bottom of the clutch to the front/muzzle and the back, fig. 1&2. Sew the bottom of the clutch using the machine, then clip along the whole of the seam at about 1.5 cm intervals, fig.3 Open the seams with the iron…beginning to get the picture? And then turn the purse the right way round, fig.4 Attach the clasp to the material, fig.5 the metal has to sandwich the material and then with the help of the curved needle and thread, start to sew the clasp to the clutch, fig.6



And now for the final stages…you see it’s not so hard to make your own little kitten purse! For the ears, pin together the front sides of the front and the back of the ears, fig.1 then sew them together, and clear up the points of the ears, fig.2 Turn the ears the right way round, fig.3 and with the help of a pin turn up the frayed edges of the bottom of the ears and fix the front and the back together with your trusty pin! fig.4 Place the ears on the back of the clutch and to sew the ears on, I’d advise you to open the clutch, fig.5 & 6. With the help of the normal needle and the thread, fix the ears to the back of your clutch, fig.7 and TA-DA, fig.8! A little extra which makes all the difference! To make a little lining for the purse, just follow all the steps again, except the ears. And if you want your purse to become a bag, there is nothing to stop you from sewing two rings behind the ears to attach a chain strap. And a last little tip…I recommend choosing quite a thick material, so that your clutch stays strong, or alternatively strengthen your material by ironing on a stick-on thicker material inside!

Get to your scissors, and start sewing!




The winner of the competition is: Lullaby – she has already been emailed, and it won’t be long ‘til she receives the tapestry clutch! Lots of kisses, and I will respond to all your questions very soon! Lots of love! 

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