Happy friday / 01.02.2013

My little kittens !

 How hard it is to find a working rhythm when you work at home! Because yes, I’ve been working freelance for one month now! Freedom, I like it, I juggle it’s crazy I love it ! But it isn’t easy to wake up to stay home, to get dressed to work on illustrator all day long from your couch, to cuddle your cat every 10 minutes… Ah Frida… But you can be proud of me, I never not once answered the call of «what if I stayed in my pajamas until 4 in the afternoon, eating only chocapics and wearing my UGG?» Nope, I adapt myself and I love my new life, but I also wonder how was I doing before, when I had a real job! Because today I go out of my way to accomplish all my professional projects and I try to get some time to come here. I miss it you know but I feel like I’m going to do it, I’m getting back onto my feet! But if you happen to be working at home as well, do you have any tips ? Like giant planner ? Magic post-its ? Or even, if one of you is a real estate agent wishing to help me find an office, I’m a taker !

Sidebar, I am preparing DIY that will please you, I am also updating the design of the blog and working on getting it translated! And beauty tips will come here more often, starting next weekend… Yes yes.. I’m getting better at it, and even if I sometimes end up looking like Louis XIV, I train hard, and I remove my make up !!



Today I wear my Asos love coat (remember I talked about it here) and it is on super sale! A stripped tee-shirt La Redoute x Ines de la Fressange, and underneath my favorite dress DIY in white doted swiss… Something tells me I will talk about this dress pretty soon… To be continued ! Transparent Dim Up tights, I can’t stand the opaque ones anymore, I feel like I have two poles instead of my legs, is it in my head ? And negotiable high heels that you can afford to wear all day long from La Redoute ! LOVE

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Cook / 29.01.2013

Hola kitties !

 I’m back ! And thank you for all your sweet words, reading your reactions was galvanic, I’m so excited !!! I’m over the moon, it is gonna be soo cool ! I can’ wait to show you this book… To hear your thoughts about it, to make you win one and enjoy it… Anyway, I don’t want to tell you more ! I’m here and I don’t plan on abandoning you for that long again anymore! And a Theme Week is coming soon… 

What would I do without you ? Thanks for your ideas of broccoli recipes, this one is inspired by your comments but not only… I don’t know about you but to have me eat some veggies my mum had a special trick: the I-hide-the-veggie-that-you-hate-in-your-macaronis trick, like a noodle surprise party you see, and it worked a few times… So here is a pasta recipe for my Club Med Gym Challenge, the only thing that was missing actually, a good balanced meal with starch, white meat, vegetables… The deal is almost done, one more recipe to go !

 And you know what ? Broccoli became my friend… It didn’t happen like that, I had to add coconut milk, soy sauce and cashew nuts but now we are together for life… 



 To make this recipe you will need (for two people):

  • – Pastas
  • –  2 chicken breasts
  • –  1 broccoli
  • –  1can of coconut milk
  • –  A handful of cashew nuts
  • –  Soy sauce



Soo, I’m not gonna teach you how to cook pastas right ? You’ve got to be kidding me…. So  while your pastas are cooking, put an asian wicker basket above the pan to cook your previously cut broccoli (like little trees) with the steam. If you don’t have any wicker basket a steam cooker will do. It’s just that I tested the cooking-into-boiling-water for our broccoli friend but it didn’t like it that much… It was sad and flabby, and nothing beat a few minutes of steam cooking to keep the crunchy. While your pastas and broccoli are cooking, brown your chicken breast in a non-sticky fry pan with a trickle of olive oil. When cooked, put away from the fire and cut them lengthwise. Put them back into the fry pan and pour the coconut milk and the cashews. Stir often, leave the coconut milk to thicken and when it’s ready add the broccoli at the last minute ! Present your plates with pastas and add the rest of the ingredients on top, decorate with chiseled coriander and soy sauce (I only had mint available that day..) Enjoy !




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Mood / 25.01.2013


My little cats,

 I drop by quickly because I have an hectic, flat-out, chaotic, US-President-like schedule… Today I’m going to tell you a little bit of my life: if I’m not around it’s not because I am too lazy or in lack of inspiration but because I am preparing something for you, something HUGE…like a BOOK ! A DIY book about making a party, from the decoration to the recipe… In a few months for Spring «Make My Party» will be born and I am so proud right now, like I was telling you about my first child! So I have to find myself back or a normal rhythm at least (that should be around the middle of next week) and in the meantime you can follow me on Instagram… I’m telling you this because I miss you and I thought it might be a mutual feeling… Sincerely yours, Lisa Obama.  


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