Cook / 26.02.2013


How lucky your are…

After a quick perfume break, I’m back to my diamond shape… But don’t get used to it, you will not have two articles on the same day everyday…

I’m craving on chocolate lately but my thighs not so much. It’s no news to you that my new year’s resolution to go to the gym every other day completely failed, I went there once right after I told you so and thatisall. It’s lame I know, and I’m not proud of myself but it’s like minus 8000 degrees (Celsius though) out there and the very idea to put on my running shoes and short makes me shiver… And want to wrap myself into my blanket like a giant human sushi to stay on my couch cuddling my cat – which is a much less physical activity I agree. That reminds me that I still owe you a last Manger Bouger (eat&move) recipe, I note it for next week…

Anyway! Today recipe is about diamond shape…



What you will need, for the shortbread biscuits:

  • –  220 g flour
  • –  100 g salted butter
  • –  1 egg
  • –  100 g brown sugar

 For the white chocolate mousse:

  • –  200 g white chocolate
  • –  3 egg whites
  • –  100 g powdered sugar
  • –  20 cl very cold whipping cream



 To start with, beat the egg and the sugar together and add the flour little by little. With your hands knead the dough and add the previously softened butter. On your floured work surface, roll out the dough until you have approximatively 1 cm and cut out diamond shape with a knife. If the butter was too hot and so the dough too sticky, wrap it with cellophane tape and put it in the fridge for 15 minutes until it firms up.

Once you have you Diamond Shape cut out, put them in the oven for 13 minutes at 180°C.

 Once they’re cooked and cooled, you can put a royal icing on them (yes, ROYAL i.e. 160g powdered sugar for 35g white egg) or you can leave them plain… It’s up to you.

For the chocolate mousse:

In a mixing bowl, whip up egg whites very firmly with a pinch of salt then reserve. Slowly dissolve the white chocolate in a bain-marie. Meanwhile, in another mixing bowl, whisk the whipping cream into Chantilly by adding the powdered sugar little by little (your batter needs to be clean and dry). Once the chocolate has melted, mix it with the egg whites and gently blend in the Chantilly trying not to break the mix. Put the mousse in the fridge for at least 4h before the presentation.

 And the presentation is quite easy: take a biscuit, garnish it with the white chocolate mousse and take some tiny fruits like blueberries (but it’s also delicious with red currant) and put them around the biscuit, then fill in the holes with some mousse and close up with another biscuit! Then enjoy !


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Beauty / 26.02.2013

 My Wolves of the wood,

I know I’m committing a sin by twisting from our theme Week but I have a BREAKING NEWS for you: the launch of a perfume, of MY perfume SEE BY CHLOÉ… A few months ago my friend Nardijisse B. and I were invited to the word premiere launch (almost..) of the new perfume See by… And not only it was an amazing event with a gorgeous scenography and a very well done flip book workshop, I also got to come home with a perfume, my perfume. And you have to know that when it comes to perfume, I really am a difficult person, like capital D difficult… I think I might have worn the same perfume for at least 10 years (Innocent, Thierry Mugler) and it ended up feeling normal to me, a smell of my everyday life, like the smell of hot tea or of a toasted slice of bread… There was the smell of Innocent…




It is really complicated to write about a perfume but I’m gonna try. To me this fragrance smells like freshness, at first it fizzes, a bit like green apple and then it dissipates and it smells like vanilla! And at the end stays a feeling of fresh and clean, like after a good shower… It is a perfume that feels good and makes me want Spring to come even more… It makes me want to go out wearing a leather jacket and my underwear like the girl in the ad… Spring you know ! 




So if today I’m mentioning See by, it’s because the brand launches an app on their website that allows to create mini movies… And I know you like this kind of tips because I just answered some questions about me (the more regular and the less intrusive ones) and one of the most asked question is how do I do my little GIFs… So until I do a photoshop DIY, I offer you to try this app for yourself and to make you win some perfumes at the same time…

 How?! Well, you’ll have to 

do a little work… Dare me on twitter to do anything like «@makemylemonade would you dare to go out wearing a leather jacket and your underwear? #seebychloéfragrance». The contest is open in the comments!

I will choose 3 dares, the most relevant ones (understand the funniest and craziest ones) and I will make 3 mini films with the much talked about app on next sunday (the 10th) to announce the results… Have fun !

With love, Lisa.

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inspiration / 25.02.2013

Happy Monday la compagnie !

 I had forgotten how much I loved doing inspirations board ! Even more with a huge deco feeling… I don’t know if it’s because I’m craving for Spring to come or if it is just the smell of fresh paint that I miss, but if it were for me I would paint all the walls of my living room in light pink, yellow, white and black… Everything is fine, I am in need of colors, fine lines, wooden shelfs and some graphic diamond shape touches… I am aware that we see a lot of diamond shape lately, and it’s been a while, and some brands like Ferm living or Hay (to quote only them…) are riding the wave a lot… But I think it works really well and I want that today… So the challenge was the recipe of the week because I played all my cards with the Calisson recipe… But I am resourceful you know that and all theses colors really inspired me… To be continued tomorrow… A deco DIY, a graphic wish list and a new design for my articles… And of course a diamond shape look ! What a challenge ?! – or, how a deco trend can invade my life in less than a week…

What is your deco obsession of the moment ? I wish you a beautiful week my chesnuts… 




And if you want to find the source of all these images, I invite you on my pinterest and his Diamond Shape board… Mille baisers, Lisa.


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