Cook / 11.03.2013


Happy Monday kitties,

It is finally the last recipe with le Club Med Gym. I made it last longer because I didn’t want the collaboration to finish quite yet. For the last one, you’re gonna think it’s not a very bikini-friendly recipe… But it was not the point of it, I wanted an apotheosis of fruits and Chantilly cream, as well with a wink to a vegetable… A huge cake because you also have to treat yourself, and if you’re feeling guilty too much you can still run to the gym to burn the calories you’re about to eat in this cake ! Which is by the way not so sugary but mostly gourmet, and that is not the same thing… I hope you enjoyed the collaboration, I was pleased to make my vegetables move and to imagine gourmet recipes that are also good for our behinds! I also wanted to mention that in this month french Glamour magazine, there are 3 of my fashion cakes recipes. As for today I take the same base as in the jungle/Kenzo carrot cake but slightly modified with pecan nuts (I’m crazy about them!). Incidentally I already made a carrot cake recipe remember? But there are both very different. I will let you do the crash test but just so you know, for such a cake with levels like this one, I’d advise this recipe over the first one !




For this cake you will need:

  • –  375 g freshly grated carrot
  • –  2 eggs
  • –  110 g sugar
  • –  150 g flour
  • –  Half a pack of baking powder
  • –  15 cl sunflower oil
  • –  100 g pecan nuts
  • –  25 g raisins
  • –  Zest and juice of an orange

Preheat the over at 180°C. Firstly, put the raisins in the orange juice and the zest in a small bowl. While they swell, beat the eggs and the sugar altogether until you have a  frothing mix. Add the oil to the mix and keep beating energetically then add carrots, flour and baking powder. At the last minute, add pecan nuts and the mix raisins/orange. Pour into two small foldable molds formerly buttered and floured and put in the oven for 40 to 45 minutes. 




For the icing:

  • –  20 cl whipping cream
  • –  35 g powdered sugar
  • –  150 g Philadelphia
  • –  Lots of fruits!




For the icing and the stuffing, whisk the very cold cream and add the powdered sugar little by little. Once the Chantilly is firm enough, add the Philadelphia. Once your carrot cakes are cooked and cooled down, remove them from the mold and with a long knife divide them into 2 discs widthwise. Once your two cakes are cut you have 4 discs of carrot cake – that’s good.

Now between each disc you spread a generous layer of icing, and on the top, you put 3 tablespoons of icing that you will spread in a sort that you will only leave 1cm of the cake visible. Then garnish the top of your cake with fruits! Here I used raspberries, blackberries, red currants, mint, slices of granny smith and of plums and clementines! Enjoy ! 



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Beauty / 10.03.2013

Mes sweethearts,

It was a close call my honey buns, the failure of the blog was like I was missing a limb… If the washing machine is stubborn, if the sink is blocked up, if I have to become Mario Bros or to put in a shelf with a drill, dowels and everything else, I am not scared a bit. But when it comes to the internet with html codes and DNS servers, I feel like Bill Murray in Lost in translation. And the more I try to understand something, the more I feel like missing the point completely. So, once I got over being powerless, I had to find someone to handle the crisis during a weekend – I therefore want to thank Romain S. like 5000 times for helping me recover my eyesight (or something similar!).

So, crisis 2.0 handled, here is my little movie about New York and the fashion week with Gemey Maybelline. You’ll see, it was busy (but you knew that already) ! I hope you’ll enjoy it. I have to say that each time I come back from NY I ask myself «When are we going back?» and I know that we always think the grass is brighter next door but damn I would love to live there ! One thing is certain: buildings are higher on the other side of the atlantic ocean… I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend and to ward off the sunday-night-blues, I will leave you to NYC’s company (so you can plan your next holidays ?)

I kindly kiss you!

PS: If you didn’t have enough backstage, make-up and other mouse’s pics, rendezvous on the brand’s tumblr



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Happy friday / 08.03.2013

Happy Friday honeys !

 Just a quick word to update you with fresh news from the front. Here everything is fine despite the shitty weather – it will not reach me, I am in a powerful phase and I decided not to feel down – and as we say work is good for you! So I’m throwing myself deep into my work (for a change)! I have looots of posts ready for you to read and after 3 months in my life as a freelance, I am finally getting myself organized ! A jewelry DIY isn’t far to thank you for your fidelity and your support emails and comments! And also a special week is coming… And also news, a big contest and soon a new design that I still have to work on… So as you can see I keep myself busy ! I come back soon with nice projects, the end of the NY series and more collaborations that I care about !

 Je vous embrasse !



 Today I’m wearing a sweatshirt by Little fashion gallery – yes yes you did read it right, Little fashion gallery is launching a line of clothes for children from 0 to 10 years old, very in and very cheap ! Don’t panic, I cannot wear a 10-years-old sweatshirt, this one was made especially for the team and I saw my chance to talk to you about it. I’m sure there are mummies among you that would fall for a golden tutu or a sorbet cardigan for their kids. It is also a good address if you have a baby shower or a birthday party and you need a gift.

Back to our Happy friday #40… How time flies! Under this highschooly sweatshirt, I’m wearing my shirt-collar top from COS. I’m also wearing a stolen from Ryan Gosling jacket from Zara and a leopard printed short from Zara as well that I don’t seem to be able to get rid of (it almost went into the last vide dressing suitcase). Opaque tights (yes, I know…) and hobnailed derbies that are a little too gorgeous by Georgia Rose. 


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