DIY / 22.03.2013

Hello Kittens ! 

I’m back ! And if I wasn’t there it was not by lack of will because I have like a thousand of ideas in my head and some topics I really want to talk to you about, but because I forced myself to a strong self-discipline in order to finish «Make my Party». So here is the preview  of my little baby, of my beauty, of the reason I don’t sleep at nights anymore… (well, of the cover!) It will be available around mid May and will contain 25 exclusive DIY about making a Party but also 10 recipes, patterns, templates and more surprises. But you can be sure I will talk about it when it comes. While we’re all waiting, I’ll make a DIY contest about jewelry for tomorrow, and a nice look for sunday… And to make it up to you I am making a special Week about Tutu… So we can celebrate our reunion !




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DIY / 12.03.2013


A few days after the Milk and Chanel event, Alexandre R. contacted and offered me to draw tiny Diptyque 34 boulevard St Germain stores to create the windows of their new perfume «L’eau du 34» (I’ll come back to that), but also a small gift to give to their customers and internet users. I smiled, thought about it for like a nano second and obviously said yes. So here is the story of our collaboration. It is the first time I am part of such a great team on a project, with such passionate and efficient service providers. As you understand I am thrilled and I hope that you will like that project as much as I liked working on it. 



Let me tell you a bit more about the story of 34 because it really worths it. This perfume is the unlikely marriage of all the olfactory prints from the candles, eaux de toilettes and even the waxed old wood from the furnitures in the store. This great idea to put this legendary store of the 34th, Boulevard St Germain into a perfume is signed Olivier Pescheux, perfumer for Givaudan.



 And two years later in 2013 there was a revelation about an obvious thing: the smell of the store changes with the seasons, the different flowers in store, the arrival of Spring… Therefore after the success of «34 Saint Germain», the will to offer a new face to this perfume was born at Dyptique with «L’eau du 34». I will leave it to your appreciation… It is a perfume for everybody with a little bit of frivolity that reaches me somehow… 


diptyque 1


And the cherry on the candle is that I made you a pattern of the Diptyque store to make it yourself and you can download it ICI. Of course I would advise to print it on a thick paper, velum would be perfect and if your printer lets you do it, print it on blotting paper and spray some perfume on the non-printed side to diffuse a delicious smell in your home.


diptyque 2
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Cook / 11.03.2013


Happy Monday kitties,

It is finally the last recipe with le Club Med Gym. I made it last longer because I didn’t want the collaboration to finish quite yet. For the last one, you’re gonna think it’s not a very bikini-friendly recipe… But it was not the point of it, I wanted an apotheosis of fruits and Chantilly cream, as well with a wink to a vegetable… A huge cake because you also have to treat yourself, and if you’re feeling guilty too much you can still run to the gym to burn the calories you’re about to eat in this cake ! Which is by the way not so sugary but mostly gourmet, and that is not the same thing… I hope you enjoyed the collaboration, I was pleased to make my vegetables move and to imagine gourmet recipes that are also good for our behinds! I also wanted to mention that in this month french Glamour magazine, there are 3 of my fashion cakes recipes. As for today I take the same base as in the jungle/Kenzo carrot cake but slightly modified with pecan nuts (I’m crazy about them!). Incidentally I already made a carrot cake recipe remember? But there are both very different. I will let you do the crash test but just so you know, for such a cake with levels like this one, I’d advise this recipe over the first one !




For this cake you will need:

  • –  375 g freshly grated carrot
  • –  2 eggs
  • –  110 g sugar
  • –  150 g flour
  • –  Half a pack of baking powder
  • –  15 cl sunflower oil
  • –  100 g pecan nuts
  • –  25 g raisins
  • –  Zest and juice of an orange

Preheat the over at 180°C. Firstly, put the raisins in the orange juice and the zest in a small bowl. While they swell, beat the eggs and the sugar altogether until you have a  frothing mix. Add the oil to the mix and keep beating energetically then add carrots, flour and baking powder. At the last minute, add pecan nuts and the mix raisins/orange. Pour into two small foldable molds formerly buttered and floured and put in the oven for 40 to 45 minutes. 




For the icing:

  • –  20 cl whipping cream
  • –  35 g powdered sugar
  • –  150 g Philadelphia
  • –  Lots of fruits!




For the icing and the stuffing, whisk the very cold cream and add the powdered sugar little by little. Once the Chantilly is firm enough, add the Philadelphia. Once your carrot cakes are cooked and cooled down, remove them from the mold and with a long knife divide them into 2 discs widthwise. Once your two cakes are cut you have 4 discs of carrot cake – that’s good.

Now between each disc you spread a generous layer of icing, and on the top, you put 3 tablespoons of icing that you will spread in a sort that you will only leave 1cm of the cake visible. Then garnish the top of your cake with fruits! Here I used raspberries, blackberries, red currants, mint, slices of granny smith and of plums and clementines! Enjoy ! 



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