Hello darlings!

I hope you’re doing well! Today I’d like to go back to a neat project we made over the past few months. We came up with five quick DIY tutorials for André shoes! The idea isn’t necessarily to destroy the shoes, but rather to do simple adjustments that make all the difference! We also wanted to have something for everyone: for those that know how to sew, those who prefer to paint, those who’ve only got an hour to work on it, and even for those who only have 20 minutes… these are beginners’ DIY’s, perfect for getting your ten fingers back in shape! I think you’ve got the idea, we’ve tried to come up with easy and unique tutorials. I hope you like the end results! My favorites are the punk socks and the furry tongued boots; simple yet they get the job done. What more could you ask for? A big thanks to André trusting us with this lovely project! Now, get to work!

Hugs and kisses

For these big tassels, you’ll need 20 minutes and:

-Black leather boots, with loops

-A spool of suede cord, 0.5 cm wide

-A pair of scissors


-A notebook or a piece of cardboard approximately 15 cm long.

Check out all the step by step pictures on the mini website by clicking here!

For these crystal derby shoes, you’ll need about an hour and:

  • These derby shoes from André,
  • Big crystals,
  • A leather needle and cord,
  • Silver and glitter nail polish.

Open the buckles to get to the tongue, the leather is more supple! Lay your crystals out in a pattern. Take a picture if you’re afraid of forgetting it.

Use the nail polish to make some of the crystals more opaque and bring more depth to the ensemble. Let dry.

Put the crystal that’ll be a guide for sewing the others in the center. Attach the crystal with your leather needle and your thread. Use a thimble if needed.

And Ta-Da!

For the furry tonged boots, you’ll need 45 minutes and:

-Fake fur,

-A big needle and thread,

-A good pair of scissors,

-A rasor,

-A ruler

-A pencil and some paper.

Check out all the step by step pictures on the mini website by clicking here!

For these speckled sneakers, you’ll need two and a half hours (drying time) and:
– Black sneakers from André

-Angelus leather paint, we found it here.

-The pattern for different motifs for inspiration.

-A kitchen eyedropper and masking tape.

Check out all the step by step pictures on the mini website by clicking here!

For this DIY, you’ll need 5 minutes and:

-A pair of lurex socks,

-Different shaped studs

-Flat pliers

-Some patience

The studs have little teeth that allow you to attach them to the socks. Push them through the sock.

Using your flat pliers, fold the little teeth to hold the stud in place. Be sure to apply enough pressure so that the teeth are flat and won’t rub against your ankles.

Keep doing this, alternating differently shaped studs!

Do the same on your second pair of socks! And ta-da!

Translated by Whitney Bolin