Hello my little kitties!

These last days have been very tough because my wedding is in 10 days and I am feeling a bit more stressed than before sometimes but nothing to worry about, it just happens! For this reason, I am not posting here as often as I would but I am preparing few posts for you that I will publish during my post wedding holidays! So today, I am back with a different topic… that is not really different finally! Some time ago, I met Fanny Boucher, one of the Gemmyo founder, and I just felt in love with this person. It was a big crush but I will talk to you about this later in a “Meet…” post. The brand Gemmyo is only present online. You can buy jewelry on their website and amazing rings above all at different prices… How do they work? They have no stock because they produce depending on the orders, but I will talk about this later.


Last week, Gemmyo opened a private showroom where you can ask for an appointment and try jewelry. Fanny asked us to imagine a shop window on the wedding theme: something graphic with the colors of their famous pink cat campaign. However, the space of this shop window was small so Fanny wanted to have a wedding cake… I drew the plan and then I left Charlotte decided for the realization of this nice baby. I am so proud of her and her Gemmyo packaging realization made in pastel shades… I let her talk about it.

See you tomorrow my little kitties! Lisa


Hello otters!

We all are back to school/work (I tried to find a gif or a picture of an otter with a backpack but I could not…)! Today is the 22nd of September but we actually live in a spatiotemporal flaw at the studio and I did not have the occasion yet to show you the backstage of the office. However, believe me, here we are working on many amazing projects. Today, I am going to talk to you about the little project we did for Gemmyo. I say “little” project because it is typically the kind of project for which I use our crazy machine we called “Michel” that cuts paper for days. Thus, I folded, stuck, and assembled. One week at the Lemonade Studio is very short and goes so fast… I love this type of mission that keeps me busy for hours, and it is always a real pleasure to see this cake taking shape!


Once the floors done, we decided to cover them with some pieces of the new Gemmyo campaign. Yes, I am sure you already saw this little pink cat in a metro station, but I promise it is all about 3D, no animal mistreated! As you can see, the result is so 80s, and I have to admit that I love the 80s and the crazy K-ways to go with.

And the cherry on the cake… (because we do not like simplicity), we made our own paper version of the Gemmyo ring box in the colors of the campaign. I hope you will like the result as much as we do! You can go admire the Gemmyo beauties and our wedding cake at their showroom. You just have to make an appointment: 21 rue de Seine, 75006 Paris!


Translated by Coralie Clair
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