Hello all! Today I’d like to tell you about the Maria jacket and its’ step-by-step instructions!

Maria is so cool. Underneath its’ goody-two-shoes appearance, its’ a really fun jacket, especially if you choose something crazy for the outside fabric and lining! I even read that an Instagram reader planned on customizing hers with frog fastenings for a military look! I love it when you guys are creative like that! I really went wild designing the Maria jacket. I made my own out of a palm pattern fabric and a striped lining; why make things simple when they can be complicated? And you know how I love mixing up patterns! I bought a pair of H&M Home palm-patterned curtains to cut out my pattern. It’s a good money-saving idea when you think about it, since in order to cut out the Maria, I only used one curtain out of the pair, so I can use the other to make a second jacket for my best friend or to hang on a door, or make throw pillows… There are a million different things I can do with household linens! I think I’d love to do a tropical pattern for the next collection, it’s like going on vacation…

The Maria jacket is like Laure’s Sistine Chapel. She worked on the pattern so that it looks great and so that making it is a piece of cake! Honestly, I’m always a little worried about putting together a jacket, the lining makes me cringe but after putting together the Rosa bomber jacket last year, I’m not afraid anymore! Especially when making Maria’s lining when smoothly! It’s easy! By the way, I think that if sewing doesn’t interest you, you can make a drinking game out of the tutorial. Start the video and take a shot every time I say “it really isn’t complicated”, “it’s very easy”. Anyways, I promise that the Maria’s super simple and if you want to take it up a notch, add epaulet shoulder pads, it really isn’t complicated, watch the video… And there’s a big surprise: hidden in the Maria patterns is one golden ticket, or lemonade ticket, to win a Singer sewing machine, the Simple 3223, available in three different colors: turquoise, yellow, and raspberry… Good luck!

A few things to know about the Maria:

  • To make it you’ll need 2m of fabric from a bolt 1m45 wide or 1m10 wide
  • Use the same amount for the lining
  • As for the fabric, we recommend using something a little heavy or interface it entirely. Gabardine, denim, twill, canvas, brocade, or velvet are your best choices. Check out fabric for home goods and curtains for amazing patterns!
  • You can close your jacket with hooks or a zipper on middle front
  • If you like a more boxy shoulder look, add fine, cotton epaulets
  • The paper pattern is available here or via a 3, 6, or 12 month pdf subscription. Bonus: the pattern to be traced on cardboard in order to make the pocket corners is here.

The pattern is availabe on wearlemonade.com here and the first edition is hiding the famous golden ticket. The person that finds it will win a Singer Simple 3223 sewing machine, a 259€ value, great for beginners, it’ll officially be on the market in October! I love the yellow version, but the green is great too! I even think it surpasses my sparkle machine, and that’s saying something!

Translated by Whitney Bolin